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15 Frugal Tips That will save You Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month

Are you looking for frugal tips that can save you hundreds every month? Small habits really add up and it can either be costing you money or saving it. Here are 15 tips that could save you hundreds!

1. Ibotta
Might as well get cash back for things you are already spending money on! Skip spending all that time clipping coupons and just sign up for Ibotta here to start getting hundreds of dollars back on things you are already buying at stores like Walmart, Target, Costco, and even Amazon.

2. Cut your own hair

I do have my license in cosmetology but I am here to tell you that it is not rocket science. I learned how to use clippers from youtube and you can too. For my own hair I use a clip and follow the line. It's super easy and I cut it in under 5 minutes.

3. Skip eating out

Even though eating out is fun and convenient, it costs about four times as much as it would be to be made at home. You aren't just paying for the food but you are paying for their rental space, their insuranc…
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How To Stop Salt Water Corrosion - Our RV dry wash system after 5 years of living on the ocean

When you full time, getting your rig dirty is business as usual. You don’t get the same rhythm of “before and after” use maintenance that the recreational crowd does, because you never put the thing away. It is your house after all. But the amount of care you put into it will make a big difference in how much money you get back out, down the road when you are already fighting standard depreciation (more on RV depreciation here)So, if you’re like me, and you can’t stand to let dirt streaks go for very long, you’re going to need a good dry wash system to keep that thing looking shiny and new.

The problem is that maybe 99% of campgrounds (our experience at least) don’t allow typical washing in your spot. In places where you are parked on dirt, you wouldn’t want to break out the hose anyway . So we will stop off at a boat/RV wash between moves once every 5 or 6 months, but if you are staying in place for more than a couple weeks, especially near the salt water like we are, you’re really go…

73% Savings Rate (Our June Monthly Expense Report)

I love a good budget and expense report. Especially when it has a high savings rate. This month has some unusual expenses but also we got part of our tax return so it all evened out. I am super excited to share this month so let's get to it!

Income: $16946.10
Yay for a tax return! It doubled our income this month which helped with the extra expenses. Next year we don't plan on having as big of a return so we will enjoy this and invest it all since we can. I also pulled $1300 from a sinking fund that I save for to pay for our registration every year. Registration is crazy high in California, especially with a big truck so I just make sure to plan accordingly throughout the year.

Expenses: $4510.05
Ok this is a crazy high month for us so lets break it down.

Rent: $1350
About normal for a monthly RV spot for where we are. I'm amazed when other's rent is like $400 in other states!

Grocery: $434.68
Costco got me ha. I went twice and went crazy I guess. I went in to buy three t…

The true cost of upgrading - Don't buy a new RV without reading this first!

There’s no way around it, switching from one RV to another is expensive. And some of the expenses are sneaky, especially if you aren’t making an effort to zoom all the way out, and consider the long term impact to your net worth. So, if you are full time RVing in pursuit of Financial Independence, like we are, this is something that you absolutely want to avoid. Read our posts on choosing the right truck, and what kind of RV is right for you to get started on the right foot. We did no such research and learned this lesson the hard way.

Why we switched
At the time we were living at an awesome little surf shack, in a travel trailer we had bought for $4700 and remodeled for about $500. Happy days ensued but as it goes, I was going to have to leave for a long time for work, and I was insanely stressed out about it.

The problem was that we had been pretty much boon-docking this whole time. We were on a single extension cord, plugged into the house, and not hooked up to sewage. I had come up …

Don't Buy the Wrong Truck: How to pick the right Tow Vehicle the FIRST time

If you’re like me you weren’t much of a big truck guy, prior to your RV life. Now you suddenly have to know everything in the world about powerstroke Diesels. Don’t worry, that’s not a bad thing and I’m going to try to spin you up on just the essentials, so you can purchase that tow vehicle with confidence.  

But, first things first. One of the great parts about having a rig is the excuse to own a big, loud, gas guzzling, fun to drive truck that you would never have otherwise. But you don’t want to do what I did, stumbling my way through different RV types and truck sizes. Every time you make a change will cost you a lot of money. As I painfully illustrated in another post, taxes, registration and depreciation all come to take a big bite out of you every time you look to “upgrade”. Read carefully and hopefully you will only have to do this once.

Without a doubt, if you are pursuing financial independence or other goals, buying a truck is a purely utilitarian purchase. So it’s crucial no…

5 Things You Are Doing Keeping You From FIRE And How To Change It

Have you been doing all the right things at getting your finances in line and even reaching for financial independence to retire early only to have something get in your way and have yet another set back? We have been there! That first year I was determined to get on a budget and become financially literate but set backs just kept coming up! Here are the top 5 things that were getting in our way and they could be getting in your way as well.

1. Setting unrealistic goals
If you are spending $1000 on groceries every month and you're budgeting $200, it will likely cause a ton of frustration because it's just too much of a change to keep consistently.

Here's what to do instead:
Try cutting back a little more every month. That way it isn't overwhelming trying to make all new habits. Just focus on one category such as groceries and make a plan. Try only spending $900 just by taking out impulse purchases and making a meal plan before you go to the store. Then next month try $8…

Tiny living, big savings? - The top 3 reasons most people don’t save any money by moving into an RV (and how you still can)

In the tiny living movement, it’s all but assumed that the reduced housing costs will lead you straight into financial independence with your eyes closed. Well, we’ve been at it for about 5 years now, we’ve met all kinds of full timers along the way and here’s the ugly truth that we’ve learned: most people that move into a tiny house or RV don’t really end up saving any money.

How can this be possible?! Just look at the difference in monthly costs between an RV and a mortgage!

Well that’s just the problem. As we often reiterate the machine wants you zoomed in, comparing monthly costs against monthly costs, never pulling back to look at the entire impact of your financial decisions on your long term net worth. But don’t worry, we are going to help you zoom out, so you can make your RV actually work for you on your path to FI.

We messed up so you won’t have to
How generous, right? We cost ourselves a lot of savings by not knowing what we were doing when we made the transition. Our mission…

Financial Freedom: Plan your path in 7 steps (and don’t make these common mistakes)

If this is the first time you ever thought about doing something smart with your money and you happened to click on this post…..well I can’t even tell you how lucky you are. Not because my writing is so great, it’s just that there’s a lot of stuff here that we learned through a lot of pain. I really wish I had found it all back when I was 20. Or, if you’re coming here beat to hell at the end of your own trail of tears, welcome brother.
We all can get there in the end.
Here’s the good news. Financial freedom usually isn’t an income problem, it’s a planning problem. You may be suprised to learn that you probably already make enough money. You just need to learn how to keep it.
How much is your life worth? Think about this….no matter who you are, there is a specific amount of money you are going to make in your lifetime, before you die. For some people that amount will be a lot, for others it will be a little. The size of the figure isn’t that important though. What matters here is what pe…